The UMBRA x TATLER Webcam Guide

The UMBRA x TATLER Webcam Guide

The UMBRA x TATLER Webcam Guide 1152 648 UMBRA Select

We’ve partnered with Tatler to ensure that #everydaysecurity and #SecureLifestyle resources are available to everyone.

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Our first in our series of Secure Lifestyle Toolkit products are these handy webcam covers: a simple tool to keep you safe as you navigate your digital life. To order more please call us on +442081336888 or email

User Instructions:

  1. Remove double tape tabs 
  2. Position the base over the camera lens and press firmly 
  3. Once installed, simply slide the cover to the left to close and the right to open 

Why use an UMBRA x Tatler webcam cover?

  • Cybercriminals can gain access to the webcams embedded in your devices. This means they can potentially watch, listen, and record things happening in your home.
  • It’s not always obvious who’s watching. Cybercriminals are often able to turn off the LED light that comes on when your webcam is in use, meaning you aren’t always safe when you think you are.
  • With a wireless camera, the associated IP address and password could potentially be hacked or guessed at. This leaves them open to access by a nefarious party.
  • With a built-in camera, your device is the entry point for criminals looking to gain access. Using malware or a virus, cybercriminals can use your webcam to see into your private spaces.

Our #SecureLifestyle webcam tips:

  • Use the UMBRA x TATLER webcam cover to ensure that there is a physical barrier between your camera and your space when you’re not using it.
  • Make sure you have a firewall running on all of your devices to prevent  malware.
  • Ensure you’re using antivirus software that’s up to date.
  • Continually update your operating system – this ensures any access risks are patched.
  • Don’t open suspicious emails, links or attachments.

For any help or support with the above, do get in touch on +442081336888 or email

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