2023: Beyond Resolutions

2023: Beyond Resolutions

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As we focus on being in the new year, here at UMBRA International, we’ve been working on unique ways to further help our clients to feel more secure and better prepared for the challenges of these times. On top of this, we want to help our clients achieve their goals and prosper. We are big advocates of the Maslow Hierarchy approach to life – giving clients a helping hand with a baseline of feeling safe in order that they can self-actualise and live their best Secure Lifestyle.

So you have thought of some resolutions you’d like to set yourself as this year begins – and that’s great, the thing is when we say to ourselves- “I am going to stop doing habit A” or “I want to be able to do X or Y within the next two months”, we can sometimes sabotage ourselves. Our subconscious can start to trigger resistance to the goals and restrictions it feels like we’ve placed on it.

Here are two Secure Lifestyle Resolution tips from our Founder & CEO Kate Bright: 1) Sit down and plot the course of the year ahead with One Year Compass 2) Think about what habits mean to you by reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

Here are some other pointers in our Beyond Resolutions Guide:

An expanding perspective
You are, with this approach, going beyond resolutions. You are heading to a place of steady curiosity, possibilities and expansion.

UMBRA & Resolutions
We believe your safety and security are distinctly interconnected with both your mental and physical well-being. They also connect with your ability to flow and progress in life. Progression inspires further growth and new insight.
The UMBRA International Secure Lifestyle training team can help you to expand your perspective, unveil new layers to your potential and access a special combination of expertise, knowledge and experience.
We provide training courses and friendly coaching on:

  • Building your mental and physical resilience, confidence and assertiveness
  • Transformative self-defence, crime avoidance and awareness coaching
  • Urban safety and protection tactics for women – and young men and women leaving home
  • Secure Lifestyle flow training
  • Travel safety and overall security knowledge
  • Mentoring and bespoke coaching for individuals and organisations
  • Reviewing & Evaluating your Secure Lifestyle

Moving with you; supporting you
The start of the year is a great time to initiate positive endeavours. It takes a readiness to act and a bit of commitment. That’s why it is good to have a dedicated team in your corner. Contact us and let’s make a plan and move forward together. Book your 30 min call here.

Here’s to an amazing year ahead from UMBRA Secure and the Training Team