Secure Lifestyle & Legacy Management Made Simple

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Secure Lifestyle & Legacy Management Made Simple

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At UMBRA International, we take care of all your security needs, from the physical to the reputational, the emotional to digital, and also your legacies – your future.

To explain what this means, we invited Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi, our go-to Legacy Advisor, to break down what this entails.
Zita is the Founder and Legacy Aesthete at The Legacy Atelier™. She is a Cultural Scientist and the 1st PhD Candidate in Family Legacies. She is a Top Recommended Family Business Adviser in 2021/22/23 by Spear’s 500, and holds a wealth of expertise and profound insights into the most critical dynamics and matters facing business and legacy families, as well as high-flying individuals.

Legacy advisors generally help affluent families and individuals with their current and future financial and legal matters and/or navigate, as well as enhance their philanthropic activities.
I cover legacies from a much broader perspective. I advise on and curate the different legacy layers and capitals, bring the past, present, and future together, and help build, shape, understand, narrate, and preserve legacies, as well as ensure their longevity for generations to come.

If individuals and families of substantial wealth do not engage in activities to preserve their legacies, not only will their legacies evaporate over time, but their families will also get fragmented, and family unity will also be gone as a consequence. As we find ourselves in the greatest wealth transfer ever in history, as well as in an epistemic crisis and an era in which AI-generated imagery, voice recordings, and texts are increasingly available – driving, safeguarding, and futureproofing the content and impact of legacies are particularly relevant. Naturally, legacy preservation is just one aspect of legacies. Legacy is a particularly complex field that I have been broadening, re-energising, and re-calibrating in creative and innovative ways over the past few years’ time since I set up The Legacy Atelier™.

Many business families and UHNWIs only hold corporate timelines of their business achievements and milestones; however they do not really know much about and learn from their different family eras, family characters, the immense legacy, and the connected major impact that they have made throughout the various decades or centuries. In addition, legacy ateliers and projects also help shareholders, other stakeholders, and community members stay anchored, engaged, and inspired, which is critical to the long-term success of family, business, and other activities.
I also help with the various thinking processes and different phases of legacies, whether it’s about starting to build a legacy, re-energising or re-calibrate one, harnessing it for different purposes, or passing it on to the next generation of legacy guardians.

A secure lifestyle means an emotionally and intellectually secure lifestyle; the safety and security that families provide their family members with a much-needed anchoring, education, engagement, and inspiration, as well as an alignment on many levels fostering not only a deep sense of belonging but also a joint well-informed future with their family members.
A secure lifestyle also means that family members can trust the information and legacy details around their family, business, and other endeavours, and perceive a solid safety net around themselves, as well as being able to own their own stories and narratives and add their legacy marks to their family legacy. Legacy projects and working with legacies require therefore heightened privacy and security considerations on all fronts.

  • Whether it’s an individual trying to make sense of what they have achieved and build upon, as well as further shape and maximise, their legacy and pass it on to their next generation
  • An individual or family in need of updated, recalibrated narratives and finding their paths and purpose via their legacies 
  • A family who would wish to capture, learn from, preserve, narrate, showcase, inspire with, and ensure the longevity of their family legacy via different legacy projects
  • A family in identity crisis 
  • A family having matters around family dynamics
  • A family having difficulties engaging their next-generation members
  • A family prior to a generational succession, liquidity event, or another major transition
  • A family in need of enhancing their family as well as shareholder engagement and alignment, especially when it comes to their next-generation members
  • A family prior to a large anniversary or milestone
  • A family who would wish to celebrate their current leader, who is about to step down
  • And much more legacy ateliers, curations, and projects for individuals, families, and institutions

We all have a legacy to protect, and knowing who you are and where you come from links to our emotional security, which radiates out to those around us, creating an atmosphere of stability and emotional prosperity.

For those of you at home who want to begin creating your own personal legacy, you can start with the basics.

  • Discover your roots and investigate your genealogy and family history at
  • Arrange a family gathering for different generations to engage and share stories of their lives and experiences
  • Create a digital family journal to detail momentous life achievements across the generations

If you would like to find out more about how UMBRA International and The Legacy Atalier can assist you in preserving and safeguarding your legacy, please contact us for more information.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a safe and secure future!

Written by Kim Garrett and Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi