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Secure Lifestyle X Emotional Security

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As you know, at UMBRA HQ our 4th Pillar of Secure Lifestyle is Emotional Security, and as such we are always interested in ways that we can help our clients and community feel and be safe. The link between psychological safety and risk resilience has been something we have noticed in our day-to-day work—a connection we’re actively spearheading efforts to bring to the forefront of the wider security industry.

Now that the year is fully underway, many of us who have set goals and resolutions are taking stock of our progress toward achieving them. We are looking for ways to achieve more, whether that be emotional stability, financial gains, career advancement, and overall improvements in every facet of our lives.

After discovering Kate Bright and UMBRA during Holly Tucker’s Secure Lifestyle Instagram live, we were delighted to connect with Jessica Dance, a Clarity Coach, and that is why we wanted to talk to her, so we could share with you the wonderful work she does in helping people become ‘unstuck’ and move towards the future they dream of. Here Jessica talks about her work as well as a lightbulb moment that occurred when working with Team UMBRA on her own security.

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I help my clients to get unstuck. Often, my clients come to me because they have had some success in their business but feel like they have plateaued. 
I show my clients how to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. I give my support every step of the way, offering a killer combination of mindset tools, strategy creation, and intentional planning so their dreams and goals can be brought into reality. 
I know what it’s like to be stuck, because I’ve been there (that’s how I got into this work!). I used to dream of working with the brands that I work with today. Thanks to mindset work and clear and intentional planning, I regularly receive commissions from the likes of Christian Louboutin, Vogue, Selfridges, Barbie, Mulberry, VW, BMW, John Lewis, TFL, Target, BBC, ITV and many more.

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My approach to coaching can have a big impact on mental health. One of my clients once referred to our work together as a “full system reset,” which I love. I think it really describes the work we do together perfectly. 
There are so many benefits: reconnecting with your true self, improving relationships with yourself and others, increasing your sense of wellbeing, increasing confidence, business growth, financial growth – the list goes on; in the context of your work at UMBRA, ‘feeling safe’ is one such outcome.
A game changer for many of my clients is learning that all circumstances are neutral. Our circumstances do not affect how we feel; it is actually our thoughts about the circumstances that dictate how we feel. This is great news because we get to choose how we think and feel about our life circumstances. 
This is incredibly empowering and can have a huge impact on our mental health because we realise that we are not at the mercy of our circumstances. 
This does not mean we have to force ourselves to be happy with our circumstances; we can choose to change our circumstances from a place of safety, responding rather than reacting. 

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Fear of failure or rejection is a biggie!
When we feel afraid, the primitive brain gets involved. The primitive brain wants you to stay the same and not leave the cave, and it will offer you lots of unhelpful thoughts that are not conducive to growth and going after big goals.
These unhelpful thoughts create uncomfortable feelings.  I teach my clients how to allow and process these uncomfortable feelings, so they are able to move towards their goals. When you learn this skill of allowing uncomfortable emotions you start showing up for yourself and start trusting yourself. This builds confidence and increases your chances of success.

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The foundations of my work is all about inner safety and self-trust. It is important that we feel secure and anchored, especially when we are going after big goals and dreams.
But there is also the more tangible side of security – external factors where we can introduce practical measures that help us feel more secure. For me, that looked like reaching out to Kate at Umbra International because I wanted to tighten up my digital security, and I knew that collaborating with a specialist would be really supportive for me. 
My digital security was something that was concerning me, and I was keen to get things in check before there was a problem. This gave me peace of mind; I showed up for myself and took responsibility (even though my primitive brain was telling me, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”- which would not have served my future self)!


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I work with my clients one-to-one and I also create bespoke programmes for corporate companies. 
If you would like to watch some of my clients share their experience of being coached by me, you can watch them here:
If you would like to learn more about my work please head over to my website or instagram.

Instagram : Jessicadance_maker 

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1) Get back into your body

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This could look like meditating, getting out for a walk, knitting, painting, exercise, breathwork. The goal is to check out of the thinking mind and sink into your body by using your senses. 

2) Prioritise

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Throw away your to do list, get everything you need to do broken down into small chunks and put it to your calendar, with allotted times. 

3) Self-care

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Check in with your sleep and diet. Are you fuelling your body? Are you getting enough rest? Skipping rest stunts our progress and leads to burnout, sustainable growth and success requires rest and recovery. 

For more information and to be connected one of the Team to talk about Emotional Security and wider Secure Lifestyle needs, please get in touch.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a safe and secure year, filled with clarity!

Written by Jessica Dance and Kim Garrett.