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Secure Lifestyle X Emotional Security

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As you know, at UMBRA HQ our 4th Pillar of Secure Lifestyle is Emotional Security, and as such we are always interested in ways that we can help our clients and community feel and be safe. The link between psychological safety and risk resilience has been something we have noticed in our day-to-day work—a connection we’re actively spearheading efforts to bring to the forefront of the wider security industry.

Now that the year is fully underway, many of us who have set goals and resolutions are taking stock of our progress toward achieving them. We are looking for ways to achieve more, whether that be emotional stability, financial gains, career advancement, and overall improvements in every facet of our lives.

After discovering Kate Bright and UMBRA during Holly Tucker’s Secure Lifestyle Instagram live, we were delighted to connect with Jessica Dance, a Clarity Coach, and that is why we wanted to talk to her, so we could share with you the wonderful work she does in helping people become ‘unstuck’ and move towards the future they dream of. Here Jessica talks about her work as well as a lightbulb moment that occurred when working with Team UMBRA on her own security.

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I help my clients to get unstuck. Often, my clients come to me because they have had some success in their business but feel like they have plateaued. 
I show my clients how to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. I give my support every step of the way, offering a killer combination of mindset tools, strategy creation, and intentional planning so their dreams and goals can be brought into reality. 
I know what it’s like to be stuck, because I’ve been there (that’s how I got into this work!). I used to dream of working with the brands that I work with today. Thanks to mindset work and clear and intentional planning, I regularly receive commissions from the likes of Christian Louboutin, Vogue, Selfridges, Barbie, Mulberry, VW, BMW, John Lewis, TFL, Target, BBC, ITV and many more.

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My approach to coaching can have a big impact on mental health. One of my clients once referred to our work together as a “full system reset,” which I love. I think it really describes the work we do together perfectly. 
There are so many benefits: reconnecting with your true self, improving relationships with yourself and others, increasing your sense of wellbeing, increasing confidence, business growth, financial growth – the list goes on; in the context of your work at UMBRA, ‘feeling safe’ is one such outcome.
A game changer for many of my clients is learning that all circumstances are neutral. Our circumstances do not affect how we feel; it is actually our thoughts about the circumstances that dictate how we feel. This is great news because we get to choose how we think and feel about our life circumstances. 
This is incredibly empowering and can have a huge impact on our mental health because we realise that we are not at the mercy of our circumstances. 
This does not mean we have to force ourselves to be happy with our circumstances; we can choose to change our circumstances from a place of safety, responding rather than reacting. 

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Fear of failure or rejection is a biggie!
When we feel afraid, the primitive brain gets involved. The primitive brain wants you to stay the same and not leave the cave, and it will offer you lots of unhelpful thoughts that are not conducive to growth and going after big goals.
These unhelpful thoughts create uncomfortable feelings.  I teach my clients how to allow and process these uncomfortable feelings, so they are able to move towards their goals. When you learn this skill of allowing uncomfortable emotions you start showing up for yourself and start trusting yourself. This builds confidence and increases your chances of success.

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The foundations of my work is all about inner safety and self-trust. It is important that we feel secure and anchored, especially when we are going after big goals and dreams.
But there is also the more tangible side of security – external factors where we can introduce practical measures that help us feel more secure. For me, that looked like reaching out to Kate at Umbra International because I wanted to tighten up my digital security, and I knew that collaborating with a specialist would be really supportive for me. 
My digital security was something that was concerning me, and I was keen to get things in check before there was a problem. This gave me peace of mind; I showed up for myself and took responsibility (even though my primitive brain was telling me, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”- which would not have served my future self)!


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I work with my clients one-to-one and I also create bespoke programmes for corporate companies. 
If you would like to watch some of my clients share their experience of being coached by me, you can watch them here:
If you would like to learn more about my work please head over to my website or instagram.

Instagram : Jessicadance_maker 

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1) Get back into your body

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This could look like meditating, getting out for a walk, knitting, painting, exercise, breathwork. The goal is to check out of the thinking mind and sink into your body by using your senses. 

2) Prioritise

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Throw away your to do list, get everything you need to do broken down into small chunks and put it to your calendar, with allotted times. 

3) Self-care

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Check in with your sleep and diet. Are you fuelling your body? Are you getting enough rest? Skipping rest stunts our progress and leads to burnout, sustainable growth and success requires rest and recovery. 

For more information and to be connected one of the Team to talk about Emotional Security and wider Secure Lifestyle needs, please get in touch.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a safe and secure year, filled with clarity!

Written by Jessica Dance and Kim Garrett.

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Secure Lifestyle X New Year

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A new year is upon us, it’s a time of excitement, of making plans, and re-establishing focus. At UMBRA International our mission to make a Secure Lifestyle accessible for all is still a firm focus. Restarting our schedules and goals afresh, now is a good time to firm up our plan for what a secure lifestyle looks like for us and to make sure we are armed to the best effect with the knowledge to keep ourselves safe.

To assist you we put together a Q&A session featuring Aran Dharmeratnam, a specialist in personal safety.

With a background in Law and Criminology, Aran has spent many years working in different areas of security and has extensive experience in different forms of personal safety training. Aran works with companies, high-profile figures, and young people going on travel trips. He conducts UMBRA’s urban safety courses.

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Firstly, it is good to go out with a group of friends as they can all look out for each other. In any nightlife situation, you have the journey to and from the venue. This is where route selection and modes of transport are key, particularly when leaving a venue after drinking. This is the time when predatory aggressors, drunk opportunists, or thieves may try to target their victims. Inside the venue, one has to be aware of bags, phones, and other valuables, as thieves use this time to discreetly extract bags from around tables and chairs. They have a host of tricks that they use, which we explore in our urban awareness courses.
The other big threat that we address in our courses is drink-spiking and how to disengage from unwanted attention from third parties.

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The key in this situation is that if you are worried, don’t be afraid to call for help. You can call the police, and you may also you may need the help of people around you, but obviously you must select carefully who you reach out to. Kate Bright, UMBRA’s CEO and I recently carried out training for a top concierge company for their female employees, and this is something we addressed in more detail, looking at how to maintain distance and how to change routes, as well as what to do if someone closes in.

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It is always uncomfortable when someone tries to invade our space. The first thing we must address is the pre-grab phase. if someone is coming into our space, is there a way to create space earlier? Then there is dealing with the phase where they close in, where avoidance has not worked. It can happen. With different training disciplines, they can produce good fighters and some effective tactics, but the key is not to get into a fight or cause the situation to escalate. Diffusing and disengaging are the keys. Also, with any thorough approach to personal safety, it’s important to look at the psychological factors, fear management, and dealing with grabs and holds so you can escape. This can be explored more in training sessions.

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Areas addressed include the different types of awareness, threat recognition, and familiarisation with the tactics of the different street criminals. We then look at strategies for avoiding and disengaging. In some cases, if there is a requirement to cover the more physical aspects, this can also be shared, such as escaping specific grabs or evading strikes. We also look at ways of handling verbal conflict and ways to relax and keep calm under pressure. It is useful for any team in a fast-paced work environment.
Initially, we would suggest an informal chat with the team to understand exactly which areas are the most useful for you, your team, or your family members. We have done courses for groups ranging from 5 to 30 people. Usually, somewhere in the middle of that number works best.

For more information and to be connected with our Head of Physical Security, please get in touch.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a safe and secure start to the new year!

Written by Aran Dharmeratnam and Kim Garrett.

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Secure Lifestyle & Emotional Security

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UMBRA’s CEO, Kate Bright introduces the idea of Emotional Security – UMBRA’s emerging pillar of work – and its importance for everyone in today’s permacrisis world.

“I’ve been speaking a lot recently to friends of the business about an emerging area of private client security practice. It is very close to my heart since my own journey through physical, mental, and cognitive health awareness has been a long and sometimes difficult one, as well as seeing and witnessing firsthand what happens when one or more of those areas is depleted. This area of my work and interest is that of humans and Emotional Security.

As a result, I have been gradually developing a handrail (at the moment, still a developing list) of areas I have personally learned about and benefited from during the last 2+ decades of working with private clients. I have to also give a huge thanks and mention to my colleagues and friends with far more elite minds than I do in professional sports and military, law enforcement, global government agencies, and other high-performance specialists.

We as a business, have extensive proof and authority to say that physically, mentally, and cognitively healthy clients see risk and threat in a logical and proportionate manner, enabling them to live their best Secure Lifestyle. This breakthrough has led to the development of our pioneering Emotional Security pillar approach. 

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Below is the start of the UMBRA Secure Lifestyle recommendations. A lot are UK/London-focused, but we are happy to recommend the best medical, wellness, and high-performance people and practices across the globe for clients in specific jurisdictions. We are adding to this toolkit on an almost daily basis and encouraging ideas from other professionals from all walks of life. We are sector-agnostic and inclusive when it comes to new ideas, methodologies, and high performance at UMBRA HQ. Even as a team, we are now providing access to the team in the areas below, creating a unique, safe place to work for our brilliant minds to come together to problem-solve and protect the clients of today and tomorrow. I hope you enjoy reading the below!”

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So what is Emotional Security… 
‘The feeling of safety, confidence, and freedom from apprehension’ (
According to the World Health Organisation, one in four of us have mental health problems at any given time, revealing the extent of the emotional challenges the world faces. Those with lower emotional resilience tend to experience a higher incidence of holistic security breaches. This is particularly prevalent in the under-25s (based on UMBRA’s review of 200 top clients and their families since 2015).

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The toolkit we offer encompasses connections with the very best emotional support community across the globe and tips for fostering emotional resilience and well-being, ranging from the Calm App (created by a friend of the business) to world-leading retreats, cognitive specialists, and functional medicine and biohacking programmes.

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We recognise that when under stress, people’s responses to risk changes – and our job is to build a trusted relationship with clients so they understand HOW this happens and HOW emotional security affects the other risk pillars. When emotional security is compromised, it directly impacts our physical, digital, and reputational risk. We work proactively to prioritise emotional resilience in our clients, believing it to be the front line of holistic security.

Emotional Security – keeping ourselves and our clients mentally, physically, and cognitively aware and healthy.

We recommend the following:

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HBOT (oxygen chambers) – London, UK at the Hum2n clinic in London, SW3 (Chelsea), Bodylabs (Kensington)

Infrared saunas

Cryo /ice baths / cold showers every morning (LUMI has launched an at-home pod)

Breathing (look into Wim Hof; he’s the pioneer of cold therapy and breathing – his app is a good intro to breathwork)

IV vitamin infusions: Hum2n has these and they are a great way to absorb nutrients. NAD, Glutathione, CoQ10, B12, etc are great

Daily sunlight and movement in nature first thing in the morning for at least 20 mins, even if overcast – to reset the circadian rhythms

Moju Ginger / Turmeric shots in the morning before food

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Hum2n does a formal holistic health consult which includes blood panels. We also recommend Elena @GutPhilosophy who reviews 6 monthly blood panels from Randox Health. Some prefer the ease of one place to go and do treatments, which is why Gut Philosophy combines both. The key is to create and adjust a supplementation plan from there.

Give blood – it is being a good human and good for detox 

Thriva: this is also a good home blood test, we want to try Bioniq. You can also do gut tests and food insensitivity tests to manage inflammation via Bioniq

Bulletproof coffee (brain octain, coffee, grass fed butter or ghee – we are trying this MCT oil at the moment). We prefer mushroom coffee – Spacegoods  (see below)

Keep your ketone production high (Ketone IQ or brain octain oil) and check out Davinia Taylor (if you’re on Instagram) or her latest book and Willpowder products online – this approach is best under clinical supervision

Headstrong for pure functional mushroom supplements taken every day

Spacegoods is also good (some don’t get on with the sweetener in it)

London Nootropics good for adaptogenic coffee

Matcha latte and green tea have replaced coffee after our morning Spacegoods – we never drink either after midday

AG1 greens is great, we use Vitalgreens for a scoop of goodness in the morning – a massive tub lasts forever

Have a look into seasonal eating and ‘Blue Zones’ on netflix

We are also obsessed with Collagen – using Marine and Davinia’s Bovine Collagen       

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General approach is anything related to biohacking/ functional medicine

Dave Asprey: Super Human is a great start (his brand is bulletproof)

Dr Mark Hyman has a good mailing list, and a book 

‘Breath’ by James Nestor 

‘Why we sleep’ by Matthew Walker – fascinating. If struggling with stress or workload it is the one thing to prioritise over everything else.

Podcasts are great too – many of these are full of science and data including Huberman Lab & High Performance

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OURA Ring & Whoop band are great for measuring health and well-being, and sleep.

Blue light blocking glasses: we use Red Light rising, but there are plenty of brands on amazon

Supersapiens is good for glucose monitoring, Veri is another one. We’ve just finished our Zoe trial which was brilliant for insight about how sugar affects you/mood/sleep

Keto Mojo for measuring ketones 

Airofit is great for enhancing lung capacity 

An at home infra sauna blanket is a way of bringing the benefits to your door – MiHi brand 

Grounding mat – either get out to grass, sand, earth every morning or get a mat. The science behind grounding and its ability to reduce inflammation (what a lot of functional / integrated medicine focuses on) is undeniable 

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Brain Performance

We advocate for a Trauma release approach to mental well-being and can firmly recommend CBT as a starting point to ease into talking therapies

Psychotherapy – BetterHelp is a great app-led approach

Brain Spotting is a really interesting development in the world of brain health. Let us know if you’d like a specialist introduction

London Holistics is our go-to navigator in this area of integrated therapies.

Our friends at SOFOS are helping our clients understand the optimisation of their Brain health, and we are excited about their cutting-edge approach to cognitive performance

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Fitness and Community

Fitness in all its forms is key to overall health and can be adopted and maintained at all ages. Contact us for introductions to the best trainers, gyms and physical movement specialists across the world. For anyone in London contact us for access to our exclusive recommendations to the likes of OneLDN, Psycle and BXR in London

Especially when combined with movement of any kind, giving back (especially while learning a skill) can slow cognitive ageing, according to Harvard Health. 

Contact us for introductions to low/ no cost communities to suit your interests Eg walking buddies / groups, Toastmasters (for public speaking and confidence), trundl (the app that turns your everyday walks into charity donations) and volunteer opportunities across the world. There are many charities and initiatives that need our collective support.

Our UMBRA Emotional Security pillar is emerging and we can speak to the benefits personally of a personalised programme of therapy and wellbeing. For more information and to be connected with our Head of Emotional Security, please get in touch.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you the very best in your emotional security.

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Secure Lifestyle – Stocking Fillers

Secure Lifestyle – Stocking Fillers 1707 2560 UMBRA Select

The end of the year is fast approaching, and contemplation over the upcoming year and how we can better our lives and those of our loved ones is likely on our minds. Additionally, many are looking for inspiration on innovative ideas to give as gifts to our nearest and dearest, and here at UMBRA International, we wanted to make your life easier by providing you with some of our expert recommendations for standout stocking fillers. Gifts for your loved ones that not only bolster their personal security and provide them with a feeling of safety but also contribute to their mental and physical well-being.

Screenshot 2023 11 14 at 13.02.36

Shokz Headphones: Ditch the noise-cancelling headphones and be situationally aware with these over-ear safety-assured headsets.

shokz 1

Privacy Screen Protector: They are particularly useful in preventing “shoulder surfing,” where individuals try to glance at your screen from an angle without your knowledge. This helps protect sensitive information such as passwords, personal messages, or confidential work documents.

privacyscreen 1

Webcam Cover: With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, webcam covers offer an additional layer of protection against potential breaches ensuring your privacy is maintained.

webcam 1

Super Human by David Asprey: Asprey arms readers with practical advice to maximize their lives at every age with his signature mix of science-geek wonder, candor, and enthusiasm. Getting older no longer has to mean decline. Now it’s an opportunity to become Super Human.


Breath by James Nestor: Modern research is showing us that making even slight adjustments to the way we inhale and exhale can:
– improve our exercise techniques
– restore healthy sleep patterns and minimise snoring
– halt allergies, asthma and even autoimmune disease


Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker: More than exercise, diet and wealth, science has shown that sleep is the most important factor in our physical and mental well-being.


Bulletproof Coffee: The fats, particularly MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil within Bulletproof coffee can enhance cognitive function and promote mental clarity. MCTs are quickly converted into ketones, which can be used by the brain as an alternative fuel source.

coffee 1

Spacegoods Mushroom Coffee; Enjoy sharper focus, sustained energy, and a zen-like calm all day long, without any worries of jitters or energy crashes.

spacegoods 1

Vital All in One: The many greens and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables will help to counteract the daily toll that pollution, radiation, free radicals, fast food and stress exact on your body.

allinone 1

For a reminder on how to fortify your mental health during this rather hectic time of year, take a read of our recent blog Secure Lifestyle X Mental Health and refer to our Secure Lifestyle Toolkit for more information on how to best to increase your feeling of security, whether over the holidays, at home, travelling, or at work.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a happy, healthy and safe Christmas!

Written by Kim Garrett

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Secure Lifestyle X Mental Health

Secure Lifestyle X Mental Health 1731 2560 UMBRA Select

This year World Mental Health Day reminded us that mental health is a human right.

At UMBRA International, our primary goal is to ensure that a secure lifestyle is accessible to everyone, encompassing not just physical security but also mental well-being. We firmly believe that a healthy mental state enhances one’s overall strength, resilience, alertness, and safety. Furthermore, this mental well-being extends its positive influence to various facets of our lives, including our physical health, emotional well-being, digital security, and reputation.

Investing in our mental well-being is crucial, which is why we asked SilverBell Global for their top 5 tips on how we can go about fortifying our mental health.

Sleep plays a crucial role in the brain’s processing of emotional information. While we sleep, our brain sifts through, collates, and consolidates thoughts and memories, with REM sleep being particularly vital for positive emotional content. Insufficient sleep can severely impede the consolidation of positive emotions, impacting mood and emotional reactivity – potentially exacerbating mental health disorders. 

  • Prioritize healthy sleep as an essential component of emotional security/mental wellness (black-out curtains, white noise (forest sounds; water; white/brown noise) weighted/gauze blankets, eye mask, ear plugs)
  • Allow your body and brain to rest, repair, and reset by aiming to get to bed and wake up at the same time each day to regulate your circadian rhythm (sunrise alarm clock, wake to a favorite song or sound, create a non-negotiable bedtime)
  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine (limit screens an hour before bedtime, use a Bluelight screen shield on all devices, take a hot bath or warm shower before bed, indulge in a skin-care ritual with essential oils, aromatherapy or herbal tea/valerian)
  • Set aside time for your healthy sleep practice the same way you would for yoga or working out (use the BEDTIME/SLEEP feature on your phone to turn calls off at a set time; schedule bedtime in your calendar each night)

The human need for social connection is well documented– whether we thrive in the company of many or find fulfillment in the companionship of a few close friends. Our social nature is deeply ingrained, and persistent isolation can intensify mental vulnerabilities while depriving us of invaluable opportunities for personal connection and growth.

  • Connect with sage, supportive people who allow you to feel seen and heard
  • Consider areas of personal expertise to offer personal or mentorship/guidance to others
  • Take initiative by inviting friends or acquaintances for a coffee, a walk, or a meal.
  • Explore more creative settings for social engagement- changing the environment can yield deeper connection arising from new experiences
  • Engage in one-on-one conversations with others to build rapport and foster deeper connection
  • Share openly with friends or confidants about challenges in your own life to create intimacy, trust, and symbiotic friendship

From reducing stress and anxiety to improving overall mood, being in nature is a respite from the pressure of daily life and a much-needed infusion of inspiration and energy. However you choose to be in Nature – from a walk around your neighborhood, to an afternoon in the park, to a serious camping trip – the benefits of heading outside are limitless.

  • Take your coffee to go – to the park
  • Explore a friend’s garden or yard (weeding optional)
  • Spend a Saturday at the beach – even in the winter (wellies and wool a must)
  • Show your toes a good time – take your shoes off and walk barefoot in nature
  • Sit on a park bench and watch the changing sky
  • Stargaze: chart the moon’s path across windows; identify constellations in view

Movement can take many forms – the release of stress-relieving endorphins and endocannabinoids is but one of its numerous benefits. Movement of all kinds is a powerful tool for enhancing mental health. Even modest exertion –  a quick 5-minute stretch, daily walk, 10 minutes wheeling oneself in a mobility device, or doing chair-based weight lifting  – has been shown to provide significant benefits, including heightened focus, an increased sense of well-being and accomplishment, and improved social interaction. Get your body moving:

  • Go  for a walk with a friend
  • Kitchen Dance Party
  • Take a yoga class
  • Get to the gym
  • Move your Commute: get off one stop early and travel on your own steam the rest of the way
  • Offer to carry someone’s groceries down the block or up the stairs
  • Conduct your favorite piece of music – a great upper-body workout

All foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle, and all bodies can be healthy and deserve to pursue health, regardless of weight, shape, or size. While “healthy” may look different from individual to individual (some may prefer to eat meat, while others maintain a vegan lifestyle), a truly “healthy” way of eating sustains and nourishes physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Nutrition and Cognition go together: let the tank linger on empty, and our miraculous human machines will sputter, idle, and break down.  On the other hand, when we fuel our bodies, we ignite our precious minds. Nourish mind, body, and soul:

  • Regular balanced meals with delicious treats
  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate (alternate H2O with that caffeine)
  • Nutrient packed smoothies
  • Your favourite chocolate cake
  • Brain boosting salmon
  • Explore Sheet-Pan recipes for maximum ease and flavour
  • Cook locally, seasonally, and creatively
  • Integrate one new food a month into your diet – hemp seeds in your granola, or sunchoke in your mash

And above all else….be gentle with yourself.  Perfection is simply the unquenchable quest to find fault. Honor your intentions, and celebrate your efforts. Look out for what Deb Dana, author of The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy and co-founder of the Polyvagal Institute calls Glimmersbrief moments of engagement with the ventral vagus nerve as the body regulates its mental state.

Petting an animal, feeling soft spring rain, the sound of a baby laughing, inhaling the scent of warm bread, dancing to a favorite song, glimpsing a sunrise, rainbow, or sunset, marveling at the twinkling stars, hugging a loved one… Glimmers are personal in nature, different for each one of us. Like a flash of inner light, Glimmers bring heightened inspiration, clarity, creativity, productivity, connection, and self-awareness.

If you would like to find out more about how UMBRA International and SilverBell Global can assist you in rejuvenating your mental health, please contact us for more information.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a safe, secure and happy future!

Written by Kim Garrett and SilverBell Global.

Image of a mother handing a key to her  daughter, hands only

Secure Lifestyle & Legacy Management Made Simple

Secure Lifestyle & Legacy Management Made Simple 2560 1703 UMBRA Select

At UMBRA International, we take care of all your security needs, from the physical to the reputational, the emotional to digital, and also your legacies – your future.

To explain what this means, we invited Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi, our go-to Legacy Advisor, to break down what this entails.
Zita is the Founder and Legacy Aesthete at The Legacy Atelier™. She is a Cultural Scientist and the 1st PhD Candidate in Family Legacies. She is a Top Recommended Family Business Adviser in 2021/22/23 by Spear’s 500, and holds a wealth of expertise and profound insights into the most critical dynamics and matters facing business and legacy families, as well as high-flying individuals.

Legacy advisors generally help affluent families and individuals with their current and future financial and legal matters and/or navigate, as well as enhance their philanthropic activities.
I cover legacies from a much broader perspective. I advise on and curate the different legacy layers and capitals, bring the past, present, and future together, and help build, shape, understand, narrate, and preserve legacies, as well as ensure their longevity for generations to come.

If individuals and families of substantial wealth do not engage in activities to preserve their legacies, not only will their legacies evaporate over time, but their families will also get fragmented, and family unity will also be gone as a consequence. As we find ourselves in the greatest wealth transfer ever in history, as well as in an epistemic crisis and an era in which AI-generated imagery, voice recordings, and texts are increasingly available – driving, safeguarding, and futureproofing the content and impact of legacies are particularly relevant. Naturally, legacy preservation is just one aspect of legacies. Legacy is a particularly complex field that I have been broadening, re-energising, and re-calibrating in creative and innovative ways over the past few years’ time since I set up The Legacy Atelier™.

Many business families and UHNWIs only hold corporate timelines of their business achievements and milestones; however they do not really know much about and learn from their different family eras, family characters, the immense legacy, and the connected major impact that they have made throughout the various decades or centuries. In addition, legacy ateliers and projects also help shareholders, other stakeholders, and community members stay anchored, engaged, and inspired, which is critical to the long-term success of family, business, and other activities.
I also help with the various thinking processes and different phases of legacies, whether it’s about starting to build a legacy, re-energising or re-calibrate one, harnessing it for different purposes, or passing it on to the next generation of legacy guardians.

A secure lifestyle means an emotionally and intellectually secure lifestyle; the safety and security that families provide their family members with a much-needed anchoring, education, engagement, and inspiration, as well as an alignment on many levels fostering not only a deep sense of belonging but also a joint well-informed future with their family members.
A secure lifestyle also means that family members can trust the information and legacy details around their family, business, and other endeavours, and perceive a solid safety net around themselves, as well as being able to own their own stories and narratives and add their legacy marks to their family legacy. Legacy projects and working with legacies require therefore heightened privacy and security considerations on all fronts.

  • Whether it’s an individual trying to make sense of what they have achieved and build upon, as well as further shape and maximise, their legacy and pass it on to their next generation
  • An individual or family in need of updated, recalibrated narratives and finding their paths and purpose via their legacies 
  • A family who would wish to capture, learn from, preserve, narrate, showcase, inspire with, and ensure the longevity of their family legacy via different legacy projects
  • A family in identity crisis 
  • A family having matters around family dynamics
  • A family having difficulties engaging their next-generation members
  • A family prior to a generational succession, liquidity event, or another major transition
  • A family in need of enhancing their family as well as shareholder engagement and alignment, especially when it comes to their next-generation members
  • A family prior to a large anniversary or milestone
  • A family who would wish to celebrate their current leader, who is about to step down
  • And much more legacy ateliers, curations, and projects for individuals, families, and institutions

We all have a legacy to protect, and knowing who you are and where you come from links to our emotional security, which radiates out to those around us, creating an atmosphere of stability and emotional prosperity.

For those of you at home who want to begin creating your own personal legacy, you can start with the basics.

  • Discover your roots and investigate your genealogy and family history at
  • Arrange a family gathering for different generations to engage and share stories of their lives and experiences
  • Create a digital family journal to detail momentous life achievements across the generations

If you would like to find out more about how UMBRA International and The Legacy Atalier can assist you in preserving and safeguarding your legacy, please contact us for more information.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a safe and secure future!

Written by Kim Garrett and Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi

An image of a meeting between two women looking at a laptop and two clipboards, overlaid with chemical-looking symbols

Secure Lifestyle & AI in Business

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The future is apparently here as artificial intelligence being used on a day-to-day basis is no longer a mere concept but a tangible reality of the modern world. For many, it is an exciting time, one of enhanced productivity and output, but for others they are treading carefully, unsure of what this means for the future.

At UMBRA International we wanted to explore the topic with you, allaying any potential fears and exploring both sides of what is already, or soon to become, a new fixture in our lives.

Q1) What is AI and specifically ChatGPT?
AI – Artificial Intelligence is a method of making computerised technology simulate human intelligence. It can problem-solve or perform a task otherwise performed by humans. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is capable of understanding and generating human-like responses. It can answer questions, summarise text or data, generate written content and translate languages.

Q2) What are the most obvious benefits to businesses using features like Chat GPT as a go-to resource?
There is the potential to utilise it to assist with research, communication and the automation of certain processes. The vast well of data it can mine from and the speed at which it can do so can provide businesses with a wealth of data to refer to. Providing 24/7 customer support in the form of chatbots can offer an enhanced customer experience. This communication can be expanded into accounting, social media, and HR, etc.

Q3) For a business or individual worried about digital safety, what would your top recommendation be to alleviate their concerns?
Implement robust data protection measures, including encryption and authentication, ensure secure storage practices, regular security updates, intrusion detection systems, regularly audit activity, train your employees to fully understand how to be security aware whilst using AI, and stay continuously informed with the latest updates in the field. Ensure your systems are designed to respect privacy and avoid all bias and discrimination.

Q4) How is AI impacting the physical aspect of security?
AI has an increasingly important role in improving physical security systems such as CCTV. The systems can monitor and detect intrusions or suspicious activity by analysing the images and motion. AI is trained by learning from historical data to differentiate between normal events (animals or environmental factors) and potential breaches. The facial recognition technology integrated into systems can analyse features in real-time and match them against databases to identify anyone of interest. Video analytics can do the same for object detection and tracking, facilitating more effective surveillance.

Q5) What would you say in response to those concerned about the displacement of jobs, with the growth of automation through AI?
The goal of AI is to take over mundane tasks, allowing humans to focus on more complex activities. With this support tool, workers can increase their productivity and decision-making.

Q6) How can AI be used to support decision-making within a business?
AI can access and analyse a vast pool of data, providing reports with valuable insights that can inform decision-making and strategies. It can make predictions based on historical data and patterns, giving companies the ability to anticipate outcomes, assess risks, and make more informed decisions.

Q7) Can AI be used to increase protection within digital security?
With the ability to analyse large volumes of data, AI can detect any patterns or anomalies connected with security breaches and fraud. With a continual monitoring system set up, it can flag suspicious activity in real time. With 90% of all data breaches linked to phishing attacks (Cisco) AI can help in detecting and preventing these attacks by analysing email content and sender behaviour. It can also strengthen user authentication by analysing things such as typing patterns, voice recognition, and mouse movements, thereby strengthening security measures beyond passwords and biometrics.

Q8) Are AI systems reliable?
Building and maintaining the AI systems and ensuring a diverse set of data is used for training the systems is costly and time-consuming. Without a sufficiently wide pool of data to extract its data from, AI can produce incorrect results. Currently, an AI system like Chat GPT’s information is limited as its information is limited to 2021. Additionally, cybercriminals can also use AI to create more sophisticated attacks.

Q9) What can businesses do to ensure that ethical considerations are made in terms of bias, employee well-being, transparency, and accountability whilst using AI?
AI systems can only be as unbiased as the data that they are trained on. Meaning that businesses have a responsibility to ensure their systems are trained on impartial and representative data. One of the primary concerns discussed in relation to the increased use of AI is the supplanting of workers. It is critical that businesses ensure the psychological security of their employees is considered, whilst focusing on how AI can be used to free up employees enabling them to focus on more creative and strategic work. For a business to make a decision based on information provided by AI, it is important that its systems are transparent, meaning that its decisions can be understood and audited by humans.

With the implications both positive and negative on businesses, it is important that they learn to navigate the complexities of AI in order to harness its full benefits and continue to innovate.

If you would like to find out more about how UMBRA International could assist you in updating your security measures, please contact us for more information.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a safe and secure AI experience!

Written by Kim Garrett

Image of a zebra crossing in rainbow/Pride colours

Secure Lifestyle & Pride in Business

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Happy Pride to all in our LGBTQI+ community!

At UMBRA International we want to embrace and celebrate a culture of inclusivity. We want everyone to be themselves, and to be comfortable being so. When we feel comfortable and accepted, we thrive as individuals, and within a work environment we contribute to a healthy, happy, and prosperous business.

The benefit to businesses from LGBTQI+ inclusivity can be seen through:

  • Higher retention and loyalty/satisfaction rates among all employees
  • Better reputation – companies supporting the LGBTQI+ community are perceived more positively and forward-looking
  • Higher profit margins reported
  • Diversity of thought
  • Higher levels of productivity (an Oxford study showed productivity is 13% higher when employees are happy at work)

    How businesses and individuals can be more welcoming and inclusive of the LGTBQI+ community

Language has the ability to build bridges, empower people, and protect them. On the other hand, it can also alienate and stigmatise.

How to build a more inclusive company through the language that you use:

The evolution of language and our understanding of what is respectful to our LGBTQI+ community can leave some feeling unsure of what they should or shouldn’t say, which means they end up not engaging in conversations, or with the community out of fear of being considered not supportive.

From a business perspective, this is where training and education are incredibly important. It is the company’s responsibility to create a safe space and foster an environment of compassion and respect for all employees. This can only happen if everyone is on the same page about understanding equitable language.

As individuals, we can create a welcoming atmosphere and demonstrate an openness to topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. Being sensitive but straightforward, and having the openness to learn and adapt are the most important things. Understanding that part of the learning process may mean that sometimes we may make mistakes in our phrasing or expressions, but the important thing is to correct ourselves, move on, and continue to work on using the correct terminology.

To learn more about terms used within the LGBTQI+ community visit Stonewall’s list of terms, or look to utilise the many short courses LinkedIn offers around creating an inclusive workplace.

Read UMBRA International’s Policy on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect, and we hope that you can join us on our journey of putting our values into practice – in both words and actions.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you a happy and inclusive workplace experience.

Written by Kim Garrett
Contributions from Alexandra O’Sullivan

Secure Lifestyle & Digital Security

Secure Lifestyle & Digital Security 2560 1707 UMBRA Select

Most of us wouldn’t consider leaving our front door open, not only do we close our front doors, but we lock them too. It provides us with a necessary barrier against any potential dangers and can also provide us with a feeling of mental security too. Why then are many people so much more relaxed with their digital security, do they not value their personal correspondence, their financial records, data on their health, and their private moments? Of course, each and every one of us would answer yes to this, however, many aren’t aware of how pervasive and destructive cybercrime can be.

At UMBRA Secure we want to educate and provide accessible security measures to everyone. First, let’s review a few statistics around cybercrime to fully understand the importance of putting preventative security in place.

  • About 14.5 billion email spam campaigns accounted for over 45% of all email traffic. (Source: Statista)
  • According to cyber attack statistics, email remains one of the most popular and successful means that hackers use in distributing malware to their prospective victims. When a target opens the attached file or clicks on the malicious link following an email, a type of malware is executed. It either steals user information or disrupts company operations, depending on what it was programmed to achieve. 90% of all data breaches are linked to phishing attacks suggesting a need for increased data security. (Cisco). The most common subject lines for phishing emails include words such as urgent, request, important, payment, or attention. (Tessian)
  • Cybercrime, which includes everything from theft or embezzlement to data hacking and destruction, is up 600% as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • According to IBM, it takes a company 197 days to discover the breach and up to 69 days to contain it.

  • Emails asking for urgent action – they are there to unbalance and distract you.  Users are so keen to avoid the negative consequences they fail to study the email for inconsistencies or clues it might be bogus.
  • Spelling/grammatical mistakes in emails – emails with spelling or grammar errors should at least be treated with suspicion.
  • Unfamiliar greetings – emails from colleagues or friends usually start with informal greetings – if it’s not how they would usually greet you and are using a different language than normal, then treat with suspicion.
  • Inconsistencies with the email address – hover over the sender’s email address, is it the same as previous emails from that sender? 
  • Inconsistencies with links and domain names – hover over to see what pops up – unfamiliar website? Different extension used like .zip .xc .scr? This could be phishing.
  • Emails that seem too good to be true – usually are!
  • Emails requesting login credentials, payment information, or other sensitive information – are always to be treated with caution.

Transferring data between business and personal devices is often inevitable as a result of the increasing amount of employees who work remotely. Keeping sensitive data on personal devices significantly increases vulnerability to cyber attacks.

Downloading files from unverified sources can expose your systems and devices to security risks. It’s important to only download files from trusted sources and avoid unnecessary downloads to lower your device’s susceptibility to malware.

Password strength is the first line of defence against a variety of attacks. Using strings of symbols that don’t have a meaning, regular password changes and never writing them down or sharing them is a crucial step to protecting your sensitive data. Use two-factor authentication which is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of identification in order to access something.  

Software providers work hard on continuously making their software more secure, and regularly installing the latest updates and backing up your data will make your devices less vulnerable to attacks.

Regularly monitoring your data and identifying existing leaks will help mitigate the potential fallout from long-term data leakage. Data breach monitoring tools actively monitor and alert you to suspicious activity. 

It is extremely easy for hackers to access your data through your wifi. When setting up your wifi for business be sure to set up two separate networks; one public and one private. The private wifi should be limited to employee use only.

If you would like to find out more about how UMBRA International could assist you in updating your security measures, please do contact us for more information.

From all at UMBRA Secure, we wish you a safe and secure digital experience!

Written by Kim Garrett

Secure Lifestyle & The Benefits of Breathwork

Secure Lifestyle & The Benefits of Breathwork 1707 2560 UMBRA Select

How do security and breathwork sit together I hear you ask?

Well, breathwork, the conscious awareness of your breath, can offer the chance for transformation through improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. As you may know, Team UMBRA believes that emotional safety is a key pillar in the overall process of risk management, and we are on a mission to bring its benefits to a wider audience to help make the world a safer place.

Some of the benefits may include:

Breathwork is something that can have a positive impact on both your personal and professional lives. The  UMBRA Secure team works with security personnel who need to stay mentally and physically grounded and alert at all times. Recognising that breath work can help with mental health, stress reduction and focus, benefits both our teams and clients immensely.

Our Secure Lifestyle Training team believes that we can all use these practices as part of our personal safety training, as well as our holistic well-being, and we wanted to share our insights with you as the day-to-day impact it can have on your life can be powerful. 

1) Your breathing is far more efficient when you pay attention to your posture and relax your muscles. An upright, but not forced posture, reduces some constriction. Notice what is going on with your shoulders and abdomen now, let both relax and your breathing should become freer.

2) There are natural breathing and focused breathing techniques. The former is for general well-being, and the latter can help when involved in a specific activity, or to tap into specific skills. In training, we discuss both, as there are methods to better manage fear or build resilience.

3) When out and about, try some purposeful breathing for a better state of alertness. Don’t force the breathing, just consciously breathe with purpose.

4) A popular method used by some military personnel is box breathing, the name reflecting the fact that this breathing technique consists of four steps, each of which should take the same amount of time, usually four seconds.

Please note: such methods must be used carefully, considering a person’s medical condition and other factors. We also have for specific situations:  triangle breathing, rectangular breathing and octagonal breathing. These can help with communicating, listening, and energising.

5) Discharging breath is a good exercise for when you want to shake off any negative energy you may be feeling. Stand up and breathe in comfortably, then exhale through the mouth whilst imagining the tension leaving your body through the soles of the feet. Repeat ten times.

6) When you find yourself distracted and your mind wandering, count your breaths so you are shifting your awareness. Count the length of inhale and exhale for at least a few rounds. Start by counting 1 on the slow inhale through the nose, 2 on the long exhale through the mouth, 3 on the inhale, 4 on the exhale, and 5 on the inhale and release. Observe how this affects you.

Note: These breathing exercises should be done at a safe time and not when driving or engaged in a task that requires total concentration.

There are so many more techniques and benefits to explore in this intriguing subject, so whether you want to organise some safety training, increase your confidence, or add an element of wellness to your daily routine and security practices, contact UMBRA for more information.

From all at UMBRA International, we wish you good mental health and happiness.

Contributions from Kim Garrett