UMBRA International Group Policy on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect 


UMBRA International Group acknowledge that inclusion, diversity, equality and parity as well as respecting and accepting all people from every walk of life is a human right. Globally, almost every human rights treaty and relevant Act of parliament includes the prohibition and elimination of all forms of discrimination. We know and uphold the strong global case as to why these enshrined principles, values and ethics will benefit and impact us all in our personal, professional and public lives.

The United Nations say equality and elimination of all forms of discrimination, including the lack of belonging, are essential to achieve peaceful societies, and to create environments that enable full human potential and sustainable development to thrive. Recognising the value of women and diversity of people’s contributions, skills and work allows us all to progress as a global community. Achieving this, with a proactive culture in the United Kingdom, and the wider international society will have a significant impact on our economy. Research indicates that attainment leads to more jobs and increased GDP which are two important pieces of our economic strength. These result in lasting wellbeing measures for people, both men and women, and for each of the diverse businesses safeguards their long-term success. It does this through better business performance that delivers productivity uplift, higher equity returns, reduced threat risk, greater opportunity risk, and by driving innovation. In our communities and wider society overcoming barriers that divide us and achieve equality for women. and all people, results in decreased poverty, higher life expectancy and better quality of life.


Equality, diversity and inclusion in the United Kingdom has improved. But gender inequality, lack of inclusion, diversity, equity, parity and the failure to respect all people still remains both overtly and covertly. Proportional representation without inclusion and belonging is unacceptable. UMBRA International Group believe and know that we must lead by example and intentionally set our sights on championing our performance to attain inclusion and diversity. We must hold ourselves accountable by our actions by being true to our values, continually improving on them and by having a transparent proactive culture, that begins with our leaders, and that is supported by each and every person who works for, or with us.

This Policy is the publicly available and published manifesto of our commitment to intentionally champion and attain inclusion, diversity, equality and parity as well as respect and accept all people from every walk of life in our personal, professional and public lives, and in all our interactions.

The purpose of this written commitment clearly articulates our values, intent and what we expect so that:

  • It will be understood by anyone working or proposing to work, for or with or us, or on our behalf; and
  • We can monitor, assess and judge whether we are really living our commitment in all we do; and
  • We can all agree to mutually improve anything we don’t do well.


UMBRA International Group and all our stakeholders, whether employed by us, engaged by us, working with this us or as a customer receiving our services. There are no exceptions to our expectations.

This Policy will be reviewed at least annually and must be read in conjunction with our Standard for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect and its relevant Procedures and Guidelines.

UMBRA International Group embrace and value the contributions made by each individual towards the enrichment, progress and success of our business, the economy and society. We are committed in all of our endeavours to leading, championing and holding ourselves accountable and transparent as a business and a workplace that celebrates inclusion, diversity, equality and parity as well as respecting and accepting all people from every walk of life in it. We acknowledge that the journey towards building an environment and business which people want to be involved with, and where people can thrive to their fullest potential without barriers, division and exclusion and with equal opportunities to attain equity and parity, will be ongoing and at times difficult. Undeterred, we will foster a climate of honest respectful, resilient and good-humoured continual improvement to achieve and sustain a truly inclusive and diverse workplace.

The overarching, hard and fast principles that we will enshrine to guide and support our commitment to enable all people to achieve their full potential at UMBRA International Group include:

  • We will strive to create a unified business that is the right fit for every person and where there is a deep sense of shared pride and belonging.
  • We will fearlessly ensure our recruitment and onboarding process and experience promotes diversity and hires the best people, where everyone is welcome, can progress and knows they can be comfortable bringing their uniqueness and authentic whole selves to work.
  • We will advocate, cultivate, adopt and continually nurture a culture of consultation within safe and healthy environments that are respectful, supported, fair and where everyone has a place, is empowered to share their experiences, and has a voice that will be mutually heard and listened to.
  • We will ask honest questions to difficult challenges, listen the answers, and seek solutions we may not have previously known as part of our open and transparent learning journey. We will own accountability when we get things wrong.
  • With consultation, we will develop, adopt and implement workable, accountable and transparent systems, standards, policy, procedures and processes that comply as a minimum, with the targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; all applicable human rights; diversity and antidiscrimination Charters, Legislation, Regulations and associated Codes of Practice, including the Equality Act 2010 and all protected characteristics detailed by them.
  • We will document and communicate to everyone a clear, well-defined and endorsed set of minimum performance and behavioural expectations and a framework for managing their attainment, ongoing feedback and continual improvement in our Standard for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect.
  • Those responsible for governance and for the management of UMBRA International Group accept responsibility for the provision of adequate resources and effective education and training to enable all people and stakeholders to apply this Policy and understand, meet and achieve our Standard for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect and the actions, consequences and repercussions of failing to do so.