Houseman (ID 564)

Houseman (ID 564)

Houseman (ID 564) 150 150 UMBRA Select
  • Full Time
  • London
  • 60 - 70K Depending on Experience £ / Year

UMBRA International

Duties & Responsibilites:
To handle general maintenance, cleaning, and other domestic tasks for the smooth running of the private household. Working under the direction of the Head Housekeeper and House Manager.

• Working as part of a team to provide day to day service for the house guests and owner when they’re in residence.
• Serving and making drinks (occasionally cocktails/wine etc)
• Serving to the table
• Assisting with the set-up and arrangement buffets
• Plating food when needed (Food is regularly ordered in, so just transferring to crockery with the team)
• Shopping and general errands as required.

Exterior maintenance and upkeep:
• Cleaning of the railings and garden furniture, including cushions and blankets if needed.
• Removing and replacing dead flowers, with the support of the team and external contractors.
• Deadheading and watering plants.
• Sweeping leaves and cleaning/scrubbing of the stone floor when required.
• Raking/sweeping leaves and debris.
• Cleaning of the household facade, windowsills and surrounding areas when needed.
• Cleaning external doors/door handles etc.
• General upkeep of water features. These are maintained by external contractors but should be regularly checked and cleared if required. Any issues reported.

Internal household duties:
• Supporting the housekeeping team with general cleaning of the household (including but not limited to; Vacuuming, Mopping, Cleaning and dusting windows, walls ceilings as required).
• Cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms if/when needed.
• Daily removal of bins within the house, in conjunction with the household team.
• Supporting the team with cleaning hard to reach areas and assisting with lifting/removing heavier items when needed.
• Changing lightbulbs
• Spotting and reporting and damages or issues in the household to the House Manager
• Assisting with the upkeep of household inventories
• Polishing brass, mirrors, glass, light fixtures, and chandeliers.

Communication skills:
Housemen frequently interact with family members, fellow household staff and contractors while working. Strong communication skills prove tremendously beneficial.

(Drivers licence preferable)

Salary £60-£70k

5 days per week (Mon-Fri when possible. Weekends as and when required

*Only UK based applicants will be considered.