UMBRA International Group and its CEO Kate Bright have featured in international press, highlighting the Group’s expertise in private security, female leadership and more.

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“Whatever our specific context, Bright insists that we must be honest with ourselves in assessing what our own worst case scenario is to ensure we can plan a response, rather than having to react in the moment.”

“Bright believes that in order to avoid disaster, we must be intimately familiar with what it looks like. This means that organisations must be representative of their clients to anticipate risks, and business leaders must create environments that enable the shop floor and the board room to work together.”

Kate Bright and UMBRA International are featured in Forbes, discussing how leaders need to be their own protection in a crisis and how better representation can futureproof businesses.

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“For so long, private security has been viewed as closed… That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“I never set out to be a female bodyguard… [now] I’m like a security concierge, so the client has one contact for everything.”

“If you are in a scary situation, something’s gone wrong. It’s about looking after your boss. So if you’re fighting someone, who is looking after your client?”

Kate Bright talks to The Times Luxx on invisible protection and providing clients from all backgrounds with security teams led by former armed forces personnel, police officers and sports professionals.

“Only 5% of people who hold a Close Protection licence are women. In this sort of minority, you can either succumb fully to imposter syndrome, or you can embrace your difference and see it as an opportunity.”

“I’m hugely passionate about bringing young women into my industry. I want girls to see me as a role model, and for security to be a normal career path for them to aspire to.”

Kate Bright talks to Red on her career journey and her passion for creating paths for young women in the security industry.


CEO in focus

Kate Bright talks about female entrepreneurship, her journey and the features of good leadership in a modern business.

A day in the life

Kate Bright details a day in her life as a close protection recruiter and security advisor for the rich and famous.

24 Hours with Kate Bright

Kate Bright is interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia on how she spends her day, from fitness to everyday essentials.

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What it’s like to be a female bodyguard to the super-rich

Kate Bright is interviewed by The Times Luxx on the true purpose of personal protection, clearing up misconceptions about the industry.

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Boardroom talent takes centre stage at Sunday Times NED awards

Kate Bright’s nomination NED to Watch for her work with Amatte is featured in coverage of the Sunday Times NED awards.

Kate Bright: Tatler Address Book

Tatler profiles Kate Bright and UMBRA International Group’s history and accomplishments.

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Are Women Better Bodyguards,  Ms. Bright?

Kate Bright speaks to Der Spiegel about the advantages of female bodyguards’ Invisible Security and why royals are a challenge.

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Female Founders: In Conversation with Kate Bright

Kate Bright details her entrepreneurial journey to Kleinwort Hambros, with insights on Invisible Security and her founding of The Network.

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Introducing Kate Bright

Kate Bright speaks to The Dura Society about her business journey and her goal to make security accessible to all.


Be Your Own Bodyguard – Secure lifestyle in a modern world

Kate Bright discusses the meaning of security in the modern world and diversity in security with the Mishcon Academy.

Female Bodyguard Founder & CEO of UMBRA International Group Kate Bright

Kate Bright speaks to Elliott Moss about disrupting a male-dominated industry and helping ex-professional sportspeople.

The Art of Helping Clients Find Lifestyle Appropriate Security

As part of the Women Who Protect series, Kate Bright talks to Ontic about choosing the right security measures.

The Sandro Forte Podcast - Kate Bright
Kate Bright: Resilience and Resourcefulness

Kate Bright speaks about her initiatives in the world of Secure Lifestyle and Invisible Security.

The Connected Generation - Nike Anani Podcast - Kate Bright
Secure Lifestyle with Kate Bright

Kate Bright advises on creating a Secure Lifestyle and developing a protected way of living.

Sistr Podcast - Kate Bright
In the Shadows: Kate Bright

Kate Bright talks about her experience working in a traditionally male industry.

Enterprising Families Podcast with Tsitsi Mutendi - Kate Bright
Exploring Safety and Security

Kate Bright discusses safety and security within families and other communities.

Capital Talk - Kate Bright
When Do Our Clients Need Bodyguards?

Kate Bright explains the world of personal security and when personal protection may be required.

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BCI Women in Resilience

In a Mastercard event with The Business Continuity Institute , Kate Bright discusses security disciplines and breaking down silos between fields.

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Executive Protection and the Family Office

Kate discusses her journey from PA to CP and how we can benefit by understanding family offices and their particular dynamics.

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How can you have a secure lifestyle?

Kate talks to Qineticare about how to live a Secure Lifestyle and why having an emotional support network is crucial.

…To Keep Myself Safe With Female Bodyguard, Kate Bright

Kate Bright explains how important safety is for a stress-free life, and offers quick tips on personal and familial protection.


The Prince’s Trust: The Brilliant Virtual Breakfast
Guest Speaker

The Executive Risk Management Forum
Guest Panellist

TedX Clapham Talk

LLoyds Banking Group’s Women in Security: Mind the Gap Virtual Panel Discussion
Guest Panellist for “The Power of Mentorship & Networks” Talk


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Secure Lifestyle & Legacy Management Made Simple

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Secure Lifestyle & The Benefits of Breathwork

How do security and breathwork sit together I hear you ask? Well, breathwork, the conscious awareness of your breath, can offer the chance for transformation…

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Secure Lifestyle & Your Inner Bodyguard

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Cost of Living Secure Lifestyle Tips

The start of any year is always a time to reflect on the last, and goal set for the next – and on that theme, we…

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2023: Beyond Resolutions

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Secure Lifestyle and the Festive Season

The festive season will soon commence. Given what a long year this has been, invariably many will be looking forward to some celebratory events. So…

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