UMBRA International Group and its CEO Kate Bright have featured in international press, highlighting the Group’s expertise in private security, female leadership and more.

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The Executive Risk Management Forum

Guest Panellist

TedX Clapham Talk



The Sandro Forte Podcast - Kate Bright
Kate Bright: Resilience and Resourcefulness

Kate Bright speaks about her initiatives in the world of Secure Lifestyle and Invisible Security.

The Connected Generation - Nike Anani Podcast - Kate Bright
Secure Lifestyle with Kate Bright

Kate Bright advises on creating a Secure Lifestyle and developing a protected way of living.

Sistr Podcast - Kate Bright
In the Shadows: Kate Bright

Kate Bright talks about her experience working in a traditionally male industry.

Enterprising Families Podcast with Tsitsi Mutendi - Kate Bright
Exploring Safety and Security

Kate Bright discusses safety and security within families and other communities.

Capital Talk - Kate Bright
When Do Our Clients Need Bodyguards?

Kate Bright explains the world of personal security and when personal protection may be required.

MasterCard Logo
BCI Women in Resilience

In a Mastercard event with The Business Continuity Institute , Kate Bright discusses security disciplines and breaking down silos between fields.

Executive Protection and the Family Office

Kate discusses her journey from PA to CP and how we can benefit by understanding family offices and their particular dynamics.


Der Spiegel Logo
Are Women Better Bodyguards,  Ms. Bright?


Kate Bright speaks to Der Spiegel about the advantages of female bodyguards’ Invisible Security and why royals are a challenge.

Kleinwort Hambros Logo
Female Founders: In Conversation with Kate Bright

Kate Bright details her entrepreneurial journey to Kleinwort Hambros, with insights on Invisible Security and her founding of The Network.

The Dura Society Logo
Introducing Kate Bright


Kate Bright speaks to The Dura Society about her business journey and her goal to make security accessible to all.

Kate Bright: Tatler Address Book


Tatler profiles Kate Bright and UMBRA International Group’s history and accomplishments.